Agent X-44 Celebrates 80th Birthday

Tony Ferrer, popularly known as the legendary Tony Falcon “Agent X-44” celebrates its 80th birthday on Thursday.

Ferrer, an emotional father thanked his daughters Maricel Laxa Pangilinan and Mutya Laxa Buensuceso during the party. The celebration was attended by his former partner, Imelda Ilanan, the mother of Maricel, as well as his former leading lady Divina Valencia.

Tony Ferrer was dubbed as James Bond of the Philippines for his movies in which he played a spy named Tony Falcon, Agent X44 in the mid Sixties. The character was introduced in the movie “Sabotage” had a hit sequel, “Sabotage 2”, and was followed by more than a dozen other X-44 flicks like “Modus Operandi,” “The Pushers”, “Kidnappers,” “Crisis,” “The Corruptors,” “The Strategist,” “The Smugglers,” “The Professional,” “The Exit,” “Steel Trap,” “The System,” “The Interceptors,” and “The Last Target”.