Alessandra de Rossi’s song in “Sid & Aya”


Alessandra de Rossi is now a hit songwriter.

The actress is the composer of “Heartbeats,” one of the songs in the soundtrack of the movie blockbuster “Sid and Aya” that stars Anne Curtis and Dingdong Dantes. Alessandra wrote the song and actually recorded the first version for her album titled “de-re-al-I-za-tion.” A new version for the movie was performed by former Pop Girls Jem Cubil and Andrea Babierra, which became an instant hit.

“Heartbeats” is now the No. 1 song in the Spotify Viral chart and has been a hit in downloads and streaming.

Alessandra is also the composer for “Tulog Na,” the theme from “Bambanti and Song Of The Year 12” from 12. She is also a multi-award-winning actress garnering major recognitions that include FAMAS award for “Azucena” and the Urian for “Sta. Nina.” She also starred in the movie box-office, “Kita Kita” and “Mano Po.”