Aljur Abrenica hints at GMA return


AljurAbrenica is not visible in television for quite some time but he is busy doing out-of-town shows. And he also got the chance to spend more time with his family especially with his mom. He was accompanied by her mom in his out-of-town shows.

In addition with that, he also focuses in their family business, an entertainment lounge and resort in Batangas City. If he has the chance, he goes there and helps his dad.

Last July 2014, Aljur filed a complaint against GMA Network to end his contract with the network that will expire on 2017.

The 25-year-old-actor-singer said that he filed that complain not to start a fight but to hear his protest.

He also would like to thank GMA despite of the situation;they are still there for him. They keep sending schedules and work.

Aljur said that sooner or later the case will end. He didn’t elaborate it but he just said that we have just to wait because the case is slightly critical.