Alwyn Uytingco and Jennica Garcia admit their ‘secret wedding’

“Last February 12, we got married secretly.” Alwyn Uytingco, 26, admitted about their wedding happened in Victory Church, Greenhills, San Juan City.
They have an intimate and very small gathering together with their families and few friends.

He wanted to thank TV5, despite of the surprised announcement, for the support and understanding and to the Lord for the opportunity to share the good news. Their announcement happened in the presscon of TV5’s Wattpad Presents, where he and his wife, Jennica, were together for the episode of Dyepni.

Jennica said that it took them so long to admit about the marriage because they were from different networks during that time. Jennica is a contract star of GMA before and Alwyn is from TV5. They wanted to announce it sooner but they were not given a chance. According to Jennica, she didn’t see it appropriate to have a presscon just to announce the wedding because she said that they were not big stars. She doesn’t know if people wanted to know about it or not. Their announcement in the presscon of TV5’s Wattpad Presents wasn’t really planned. They informed them a night before the presscon so she’s really thankful to TV5. She wanted to share it to everyone and that it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Alwyn and Jennica don’t have plans yet to have a baby. They wanted to enjoy the time that they are together.

The wedding was held on their 4th anniversary. They wanted to get married when Jennica is 23 years old but she was now 24. Her mom, Jean Garcia, wanted it two more years but just to be fair, they make it one more year.

Alwyn got the blessing first to Jennica’s dad, Jigo Garcia, during the anniversary of Jigo and his wife celebrated in Tagaytay while they told it to Jean Garcia, last Christmas. Alwyn proposed to Jennica last April 2013. Jennica added that her mom is very emotional since she was the only girl, that’s why she can’t tell it to her mom right away. She wanted to give time to her mom to digest that she’s already married. Jean was there in the wedding. Her mom is very supportive. Her boyfriend gave a hotel accommodation for them to stay there during the wedding day. She’s the one who fixed Jennica’s hair.