An Indie Actress Beats Vilma and Nora for the Best Actress Award in the 37th Gawad Urian

The Best Actress of Urian this year is Angeli Bayani for her performance in the movie “Norte: Hangganan ng Kasaysayan,” which also won the Best Picture award.

Angeli admittedly shocked when her name was called out. She didn’t prepare an acceptance speech for the occasion because she’s not expecting it will happen. She said that it’s like dreaming. She was already honored to be nominated in the Best Actress Category.

Angeli is also the lead star of the Singaporean film “Ilo Ilo”. She was nominated for the Best Actress award in the 56th Asia Pacific Film Festival last year.
The movie “Ilo Ilo” was nominated in the Best Foreign Language Film category in Oscars.

Even the Oscar-winning director Ang Lee was impressed at Angeli’s performance in “Ilo Ilo”.

Meanwhile, Nora Aunor was nominated in the Best Actress for the movie “Mabuti,” while “Ekstra” for Vilma Santos.

Joel Torre won the Best Actor award who played the role of a hitman in the movie “On The Job.” while Hannah Espia was the Best Director for the movie “Transit.” Angel Aquino won as the Best Supporting Actress and Jun-jun Quintana for the Best Supporting Actor.