Angelica Panganiban, Carlo Aquino to do reunion movie


Carlo Aquino will be doing a reunion project with former girlfriend Angelica Panganiban.

The 90’s love team kicked off work with a look-test, which was shared by director Dan Villegas on Instagram. Fans can’t help feeling giggly over the sweet photos of Carlo and Angelica. A looktest or a screen test is done to check if an actor or actress is suitable for a particular role or if actors have rapport on-camera.

Carlo and Angelica are formerly romantically linked but broke up and had separate lives. They remained to be really good friends. The two have been teasing both fans and each other on social media, posting pictures of them together or replying to each other’s social media posts. This is the reason why their fans could not help but root for them together as a love team or even making their romance for real again.

There are no details about the upcoming project but thus far, Angelica has said that they’ll be doing a “rom-com.”