Angelica sets record straight on breakup with Derek

Actress Angelica Panganiban took to social networking on Tuesday to set the record straight on some issues regarding her break-up with actor Derek Ramsay.

During the Twitter “press conference” Angelica revealed her side of the story on the real reason of the split  that have continuously hounded her even until now.

The Kapamilya actress said it was she who initiated the separation because she got tired of the six-year relationship. She added that she has no regrets leaving behind the hunk actor.

She also belied Derek’s earlier statement that he has communicated with Angelica via email, maintaining they never talked after the breakup. On queries whether her current boyfriend, John Lloyd Cruz, had anything to do with the separation, Angelica replied in the negative.

However she answered in the affirmative when asked if Derek did not like her gay friends.

The 26-year-old Angelica also reserved addressing the issue about Derek’s alleged marriage to another woman Last year, news broke that Derek reportedly married a certain Filipino-Indian model about a decade ago.

Derek has no reaction or is yet to issue a statement on this development.