Another ambitious MMFF entry for Robin Padilla

Action star Robin Padilla’s entry last year in the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) was “10,000 Hours.” Considered by film buffs as a controversial and ambitious movie because of its serious and political theme, the movie nevertheless won most of the awards and also did well at the box office.

For the Ruby Year of the MFFF scheduled on December 25, 2014, Robin is again doing another notable film entry in “Bonifacio, Gusto mo ba siya Makilala?”

A historical biopic, the movie hopes to give the Filipinos an enlightened knowledge on the life of Andres Bonifacio, founder of the Katipunan movement which fought for our country’s freedom from the Spaniards.

Robin said playing the “Supremo” is a dream come true for him that he even met with Bonifacio’s descendants. The actor added that the youth of today doesn’t really know our revolutionary hero, while others who remember him said he played a negative part in the country’s history.

Although Robin said he is still unsure who else will be in the movie, he and director Lawrence Williams both agreed to look for producers to finance the film project. They also assured the moviegoers that more than historical facts, the movie will have the elements of a love story, drama, suspense, and action.