Bamboo Mañalac to release first solo album

Bamboo Mañalac is set to release his first solo album titled “No Water, No Moon,” under PolyEast Records.

Mañalac produced and wrote most of the songs in the album.

The first single “Questions,” will be released in radio stations on Sept. 22, 2011 via simultaneous airing nationwide. He said the song has a lot of colors and instrumentation and “spoke of human experience.”

Mañalac is the former vocalist of rock bands Rivermaya and Bamboo.

After staying for five years in the US, he returned to the Philippines wanting to go back to his former band but was not accepted by his former Rivermaya band mates.

He went on to form his own band, Bamboo. The band received a lot of awards and recognition and was a massive success until its break-up in January, 2011.

Mañalac is again currently in the US for final mastering of the album and for a series of special promotional performances.

The release date and debut video of the album will be announced later this month