Bamboo split issue resurfaces

Popular band Bamboo is again at the center of the news as rumors of its disintegration flew fast and thick in the local music industry scene.

Attempts by media to confirm the reports failed as the band’s label, PolyEast Records (formerly EMI Philippines) said there is no official statement yet coming from the band.

With each band member remaining silent on the issue, band manager Pancho Gonzales said a statement will be posted on the band’s official website either on Jan. 11 or 12.

Bamboo has popularized several local hits like “Noypi,” “Mr. Clay,” “Hallelujah,” “Tatsulok,” “Probinsyana” and “Kailan.” The band’s members include lead singer, Bamboo Mañalac, guitarist Ira Cruz, bassist Nathan Azarcon and drummer Vic Mercado.

There have been rumors in the past year of an impending break up of the band due to internal conflict.