Baron Geisler looks up to Derek Ramsay as role model

Baron Geisler idolizes fellow-actor Derek Ramsay and admitted wishing to be like him because of his good attitude which helped him succeed in his career.

The controversial actor confessed that since he met Derek, many things have changed in his outlook in life as he looks up to the hunk actor like an older brother who has positively influenced him. Baron added that Derek guides him and frequently gives him advice both in his career and personal life.

Baron co-stars with Derek in TV 5’s newest action-adventure series, “Kidlat.” Although recognized as a very good actor, the former also well-known for his misadventures that include lawsuits and reported uncontrolled bouts with the bottle. His manager even told media that Baron has bi-polar disorder and sometimes misses taking his medicine.

Derek, on the other hand, is also a famous model, Frisbee player, and an in-demand endorser of various commercial products and services pertaining to healthy lifestyle.

“Kidlat” tells the story of Voltaire (Derek) the son of the couple Dulce (Assunta de Rossi) and Mario (Jay Manalo). Voltaire possesses strange power after being hit with lightning.

Other parts of the cast include Ritz Azul, Nadine Samonte, Wendell Ramos, Chanda Romero, Spanky Manikan, and Nanette Inventor.