Bea, Zanjoe not yet ready to tie the knot

Real-life sweethearts Zanjoe Marudo and Bea Alonzo are not ready to tie the knot anytime soon.

This was shared by Bea who said she and Zanjoe agreed that they have plenty of time to talk and seriously plan about it. Bea also admitted she gets upset reading false write-ups and hearing about wedding rumors. She said some write-ups are negative to the point that it offended her.

On doing a movie together, the couple said it all depends on the kind of project that will be offered to them.  Bea and Zanjoe worked together only once – for the movie “24/7.”  Since then the two have been paired with different artists.

Although Zanjoe and Bea have been together for two years already, they both agreed to draw the line between work and personal life.  This arrangement proved effective as they don’t get jealous of each other’s work and on screen partners.

Their respective careers may keep them busy but the couple still does their best to spend time with each other as frequently as they can. Bea said they see each other at least once a week.