Cesar Montano revitalizes local action films

Actor Cesar Montano showed the local audience an indication of a breed of Filipino action films characterized by fast-paced action sequences just like Hollywood movies.

As lead star and director of “Hitman” for his CM Productions, Cesar guaranteed that the fast-paced scenes were well planned and executed, even injecting humor into the action scenes to give local action movie buffs an idea of how Filipino action films have evolved.

Cesar also experimented with his camera shots and angles as if to emphasize that the movie  is more about capturing reality like the dirty and chaotic streets of  some parts of Manila.

“Hitman” is about a man out to avenge the death of his family in the hands of those who used to hire him to kill people. Along the way, he meets a woman who complicated his plan for revenge.

Cesar has Sam Pinto as his leading lady.

Others in the cast   are Phillip Salvador, Ricky Davao, Mark Herras, Joko Diaz, Rommel Montano, Jeffrey Tam, Sunshine Garcia, Onchie dela Cruz and Alexis Navarro.