Cesar Montano says Sunshine Cruz has a new bf

A number of Twitter users have recently asked actress Sunshine Cruz if she already found a new love after her much publicized separation from her husband, Cesar Montano.

Cesar, himself, made the revelation on his Instagram account in response to an earlier comment, adding that he and Sunshine are just friends and not getting back to each other because the actress has a new boyfriend.

When one of Sunshine’s Twitter followers asked her about the rumor, the actress replied that she was speechless, followed by a sad emoticon in response to another message telling her that she deserved someone better than Cesar.

On rumors linking Cesar to former “Wil Time Bigtime” marketing director Loven Canon Bautista, Sunshine refused to comment. The actress said she and Cesar have remained friends despite everything that happened between the two of them. According to the actress, Cesar has remained a loving and supportive father to their children.

In an earlier interview, the actor revealed that he is still trying to save his marriage to Sunshine. For her part, Sunshine said she has no plan of reuniting with her estranged husband.

Sunshine also said that her heart was already exhausted with the reports about Cesar’s many alleged affairs.

Showbiz observers said that her separation from Cesar may be a blessing in disguise, as it was the catalyst that revived her showbiz career.