Charice proud of her new look

International pop star Charice is extremely proud of her boyish blond bob, funky outfits with color-rimmed shades, and tattoos on her arms.

Saying her new looks manifests her real self, the pint-sized international singer showed to media her second tattoo, done in Los Angeles, that reads, “I never knew true love until someone broke my heart.”

Her first tattoo, done only last March, bears the inscription “Love Eternally” complete with an infinity sign in the middle.

Charice turned 20 on May 10. Her love it-hate it edgy new look was first seen two months ago after a concert in Singapore. She said her new get-up allowed her to assert her true identity, which is a complete departure from the pop sweetheart image she was initially known when she broke into the international music scene two years ago.

However, the intriguing new look has received mixed reviews from critics, even provoking questions about her sexuality. The young singer appears unaffected though by the rumors, stating that she doesn’t care about it as long as her fans still love and support her. She added that she never changed her image but only transformed into her true persona.

Currently the singer is busy as the youngest judge in the newest ABS-CBN reality show, “The X Factor Philippines” hosted by KC Concepcion.