Claudine confirms separation with Raymart

Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto have decided to give space to each other due to some circumstances.

This was confirmed by Claudine herself who admitted that she and husband Raymart are no longer living under the same roof. The actress also shared that as of the moment, she has no idea where Raymart resides.

Raymart wasn’t present during their daughter Sabina’s recent birthday party. Nevertheless, Claudine put Raymart’s name on Sabina’s birthday cake to make her daughter feel that her father still love her.

The couple has so far decided not to talk about the details of their separation it in print and social media. Despite their being silent, their fans and supporters especially their friends are looking forward to fix their misunderstandings hoping for reconciliation.

In an earlier report, Raymart earlier admitted that like any other family, theirs is not perfect.