Elmo Magalona admits real score with Janine Gutierrez

Elmo formally admitted that Janine is his girlfriend at the presscon yesterday of their upcoming TV show, More Than Words.

This is an unexpected revelation because Janine arrived first at the presscon and she remained silent when reporters asked her about their status. When Elmo finally arrived, the Kapuso actor-rapper was asked and admitted their relationship.

According to Elmo, he told Janine’s parents, Ramon Christopher and Lotlot de Leon, his intentions to their daughter. He visited her family and he was close to her siblings.

Elmo and Janine have lots of similarities and a good influence to each other. Elmo said Janine was super easygoing and fun to be with. Then Janine stated that Elmo have self-discipline in his way of making things happen.

Their complementing personality is the reason why their age gap is not an issue. Janine is 25 years old and Elmo is 20.

Elmo refused to reveal their anniversary date but he admitted that they were already in the relationship when they had a vacation in Hong Kong last August.