Eugene Domingo is Cinemalaya’s New Breed Best Actress

For her role as the multi-faceted character in “Ang Babae sa Septic Tank,”  actress-comedienne Eugene Domingo was crowned Best Actress of the 7th Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival under the Full Length (New Breed of Directors) Category.

 In her acceptance speech during the Awards Night held at the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ Tangahalang Nicanor Abelardo on July 24, Domingo elicited laughter from the audience when she said she had to eat human waste to win the award.

Domingo reportedly accidentally fell into a septic tank while shooting for the film.

Apart from the Best Actress award, the film also won Best Screenplay (Chris Martinez), Best Director (Marlon Rivera), Best Film and the Audience Choice Award, all under the New Breed category.

“Ang Babae sa Septic Tank” is a comedy about misguided ambitions, the art of making art and the romanticization of poverty. It relates the story of three ambitious, passionate but misguided well-to-do, well-educated film school graduates who are dead set on making an Oscar worthy film. Eugene (Mila), stars as a mother who lives in the slums of a dumpsite, who out of desperation to survive, has sold her child to a pedophile

There were a total of 23 competing films broken down as follows: four under the Directors Showcase Category, 10 under Short Films Category and nine under the Full Length (New Breed of Directors) Category. All winners received the coveted Balanghai trophies and cash prizes.

The jury was composed of Salvador “Badong” Bernal (Chairman of the Cinemalaya 2011 jury, National Artist for Theater Design), Jean Marc Thérouanne (CEO of the Vesoul Festival in France), Mario O’ Hara (actor for film, TV and theater, and director and writer), Dr. Clodualdo del Mundo (filmmaker, teacher and writer) and Jacob Wong of the Hong Kong International Film Festival.