Friends rally to Zsa Zsa Padilla’s side








Friends from the showbiz industry have rallied to Zsa Zsa Padilla’s side who was recently diagnosed with stage one kidney cancer.

The singer-actress was diagnosed with the dreaded disease in the same week of the 40th day of the passing of her longtime partner, Comedy King Dolphy.  Zsa Zsa herself posted the sad news on her Facebook page over the weekend.

Currently Zsa Zsa is in the United States for a series of medical tests.  Before she left for the US with daughter Zia Quizon and friend Vicki Belo, she revealed to media that a growth the size of a ping-pong ball was found in her kidneys.

As this develops, friends from the entertainment industry have showered Zsa Zsa her with good wishes in her present predicament.

Singer-actress Sharon Cuneta, who admitted she admired her strength and quiet grace, said she is praying for her and constantly send her text messages.

Comedienne Eugene Domingo said she I offered mass for her and I pray for her every day.

Director Chris Martinez said the cast and crew of “I Do Bidoo” are all praying and hoping for a successful operation.

Epy Quizon, Dolphy’s son from a previous relationship, said he and his siblings were praying for Padilla, adding that his family considers her the mother of the entire Quizon clan.

Zsa Zsa is scheduled to undergo a medical procedure on August 27 after the diagnosis of her US doctors.