Gerald Anderson can’t afford to buy jewelry for Kim Chiu; Zanjoe Marudo still courting Bea Alonzo

Hunk Gerald Anderson is not on a jewelry-buying spree as a tweet from SuperKimerald claimed.

The handsome actor flatly denied the tweet posted on “SNN” Twitter account saying he was allegedly seen in a jewelry store buying an engagement ring for former sweetheart Kim Chiu.

Anderson said his hectic schedule prevents him from even going to the malls during the past months. He added that he still can’t afford such a gift even if he wants to.

Meanwhile, actor Zanjoe Marudo revealed that he’s still courting Alonzo, notwithstanding reports that they have already been sweethearts since last month.

The actor said he relished the dates he had with Alonzo during the Christmas holidays. He admitted though that he has no specific plan yet comes Valentine day.