Gerald reportedly giving up on Sarah due to Mommy Divine

The showbiz grapevine is abuzz with rumors that actor Gerald Anderson has given up his courtship of Sarah Geronimo because of the latter’s mother.

Showbiz gossipers had it that Sarah cried after the recent episode of “Sarah G. Live” after Gerald informed her of his decision because he isn’t acceptable to Mommy Divine.

The actor admitted in an interview that he has been courting Geronimo for six months now but he doesn’t gets to visit Geronimo at home lately. He said Sarah is busy with her showbiz commitments. His explanation though did nothing to deter several of their followers to assume that the real reason was Mommy Divine’s dislike for the actor.

The rumor further catch fire following several posts by columnist Ogie Diaz about a certain “G” having given up his pursuit of a certain “S” all because of the latter’s mother. Another post of Diaz also revealed that the mother urged a producer to discontinue the planned third movie of Gerald and Sarah. Followers of the two celebrities are now even relating their recent TV appearance where Gerald apparently urging Geronimo to give love a chance before time runs out.

The fizzling out of the budding romance between two isn’t going to be much of a surprise to most. Last year, Sarah had a short lived romance with actor-dancer Rayver Cruz that was aborted after the former’s mother allegedly confronted Rayver to stop pursuing her daughter.

Really Mommy Divine doesn’t hide the fact that she doesn’t agree for her daughter to engage in a serious relationship with a guy yet.