Grown up Muhlach twins are head-turners


Andres and Atasha Muhlach are now 16 and are already turning heads.

The Muhlach twins, children of Aga and Charlene, however won’t be entering showbiz anytime soon. Charlene shared that the twins made a promise to finish their studies before starting a career in the entertainment industry. The beauty queen actress added that they will support the twins in whatever path they choose after finishing their studies.

As parents, Aga and Charlene did their best to protect their kids’ privacy so that they live live a normal childhood. When it comes to dating, Andres said his dad allows him to have a girlfriend. For her part, Charlene admitted that it will take her more time to accept that her kids are all grown up.

Now that they’re in their teenage years, the twins understand that their parents will always be there to support them. Aga said he taught his twins early on that if they want something in life, they have to work hard for it, just like what he did when he was young. The actor was already in showbiz when he was just 6 years old.