Hollywood star Adam Sandler loves Filipino bread

Actor Adam Sandler first encountered Pinoy bread through the mother of his friend, actor Rob Schneider, who is a Filipino.

Since then, he learned to like with gusto the baked stuffs produced by Rob’s mother that he literally makes the rounds of bakeries run by Filipinos in his neighborhood.

The Hollywood actor was recently interviewed by ABS-CBN North America News Bureau while he and actress Drew Barrymore were doing the promotions for their upcoming movie, “Blended.”

Sandler and Barrymore have been close friends since they worked on their biggest hits together, 1998’s “The Wedding Singer” and 2004’s “50 First Dates,” films that made such good use of their screen chemistry that they still feature on Best Romantic Comedies Of All Time type lists today.

For her part, Barrymore, shared she too has some good friends from the Philippines.

“Blended” tells the story of single parents Jim Friedman (Adam) and Lauren Reynolds (Drew) who were attracted to each other to the delight of their respective children who benefit from the growing relationship.

The movie premieres June 11 in Philippine cinemas and theaters nationwide.