IC Mendoza shields Alex Gonzaga from prima donna rumors

IC Mendoza took the task to shield his pal Alex Gonzaga from gossips concerning her inappropriate behavior on the set of their shows.

Some of the nasty rumors being circulated include Gonzaga’s alleged demand that there must be no spiels and spots past 12 noon when taping for “Fantastik,” her refusal to wear the clothes picked by her stylist, and her attitude to make her co-hosts wait while she spends hours in the dressing room.

The TV host explained that his friend has a taping for ‘Babaeng Hampaslupa’ every Friday and her spiels and production numbers are given priority since she is the lead star of the show.

On the issue of wearing clothes picked up by her stylist, Mendoza defended Gonzaga by saying that she has the right to refuse to wear something she feels inappropriate for the show. He added that Gonzaga has this option as a celebrity and accordingly informed the wardrobe assistant on the reason for doing so.

Mendoza also warded off rumors on the “waiting” issue as he shared that it is normal to wait for a colleague during tapings.

The TV host emphasized that all rumors on Gonzaga’s alleged attitude problems toward work are not true and are simply part of being a celebrity who is slowly making a mark on her showbiz career.