Inspiring Celebrity Real-life Couples

Showbiz was filled of inspiring real-life couples, namely they are Christopher Roxas&Gladys Reyes, Ariel Rivera & Gelli De Belen, Manny &JinkeePacquiao, Ryan Agoncillo& Judy Ann Santos and Richard Gomez & Lucy Torres-Gomez.
Christopher Roxas&Gladys Reyes love story started on the set of the TV soap opera Mara Clara in 1992. Gladys was only 14 and Christopher was even younger 12. It was considered as a childhood romance that no one thought it would last. They were boyfriend-girl friend along time before finally getting married.

Ariel Rivera &Gelli de Bellenare one of the few celebrity couples that never got involved in any controversy. They are actually featured in the August 2008 issue of alocal entertainment Magazine that describes as “A Regular Family”. They have a simple life and they both have similar priorities in life: their kids and each other.

Manny &JinkeePacquiao relationship become one of the most controversial in the industry and it will remember that Manny has linked to several women.It said to be that it definitely takes a strong woman to be the wife of a world-famous boxing champ and undeniablyJinkeehas proved it to the crowd.

Ryan Agoncillo&Judy Ann Santos love story started with just a simple and casual “Hi” and “Hello”. Their first encounter was when Judy Ann was having a pictorial while Ryan was shooting an Ad in the same studio and happened for the second time in the salon. They only started to get to know each other during the 2004 TV fantaserye when Ryan was one of the three leading men of Judy Ann and finally married last April 28, 2009. Currently, there have been stories about marital problems and third parties but they still look good together.

And lastly, the beautiful couple Richard Gomez & Lucy Torres-Gomez. In 1998, the couple married at Saint Peter and Paul Church in Ormoc.Their wedding was so grand that it had three receptions and was televised.They are very secure to each other and surprisingly nobody has been linked to either of them.Even if Richard does romantic scenes with other female stars, Lucy doesn’t get jealous. Lucy admits that she finds it weird whenever other people still link Richard to his leading ladies. They support each other’s careers and whenever they feel they need more time for each other, they make a way to have quality time. There was even a time recently that Lucy had a terrible headache due to stress and fatigue, Richard surprised her with a plane ticket to Hong Kong for a short visit.