Jasmine, Sam comfortable working with each other

Real life couple Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Sam Concepcion share they have grown more comfortable with each other, especially now that they are working on TV5’s new series for the first time.

Although they are from different TV networks, TV5 management asked for the approval of ABS-CBN to borrow Sam for a while to make his first ever Wattpad series with Jasmine, entitled “My Tag Boyfriend.”

Jasmine welcomes the chance to finally work with Sam after admitting their relationship in April. She said this setup allows them to discover new things about each other, and has even taught them how to handle disagreements.

For Sam, he admitted feeling intimidated working with Jasmine at first. But later their acting turned out to be just a normal and a natural thing after all. He hopes the series marks the start of more projects with Jasmine, saying this allows them to give something back to their loyal fans.

“My Tag Boyfriend” is a Wattpad weeklong mini-series that revolves around Sitti Sandoval, played by Jasmine, a self-confessed Facebook addict who mistakenly tagged campus heartthrob Kaizer Buenavista (Sam) in one her online posts.

The series will start September 22 on TV5.