Jessy Mendiola confirms breakup with JM de Guzman


Jessy Mendiola confirmed that she and JM de Guzman have broken up.

The actress told the press after a conference held on November 5 that they ended their relationship because they wanted to focus on different priorities.

Jessy and JM were together for two years before breaking up previously. They got back together again in April.

Jessy said that it’s better that they focus on their respective priorities.

Although Jessy was accepting of the breakup, she was also visibly tearing up when she said that she can’t do anything about it. If it’s not good for the both of them, she’d rather be not in his life for him to be okay.

However, the actress doesn’t blame JM for the end of their relationship. She had nothing but praise for JM when she spoke to the press. According to Jessy, JM is a very good person; he has a good heart so she can’t really say anything about him.

At the moment, Jessy said that the two are still friends and still talk. She admitted that she misses him.