Jolina Magdangal mulls wedding plans

Following the official announcement of her engagement to Rivermaya drummer Mark Escueta, Jolina Magdangal revealed that they are hoping for a November wedding though if it won’t push through they will instead settle for a February date next year.

The 32-year-old singer admitted though that there’s still a lot to be accomplished for their wedding such as the final draft of guest list and the choice of designer who will make her gown.

Meanwhile, the couple has already agreed to have a garden theme. As for the entourage, the best men would be Escueta’s brothers while the Matron of Honor will be Magdangal’s sister. The singer-actress is also planning to include her friend singer Kyla in the entourage.

As for the honeymoon, the couple both wishes a winter trip to Alaska to experience the magical ambience of the Northern Lights, a natural light display in the sky occurring in the high latitude regions.

To start their married life together, Magdangal further said they are planning to acquire a condominium unit in the city.

She also said it’s okay for her to have two to four kids.