Kathryn, Daniel movie surpasses P100M box office sales


The romantic comedy “Can’t Help Falling in Love” starring the love team of Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo has breached P100-million in terms of box office sales.

The Star Cinema movie directed by Mae Cruz-Alviar tells the story of strangers Gab (Kathryn Bernardo) and the happy-go-lucky Dos (Daniel Padilla), who got married one drunken night.

A year later, Gab, who has already forgotten about her sudden wedding, is set to wed her long-time boyfriend Jason (Matteo Guidicelli). Gab is forced to seek the help of Dos to cut their legal marriage so she can marry her fiancé without any issue. As she figures out with Dos how this unlikely incident happened between them, the two former strangers fell in love.

The film is the love team’s reunion project following 2015’s blockbuster film “Crazy Beautiful You.” Star Cinema plans to screen the film in the Middle East, Canada, US, Italy, Spain and the UK.