Korean pop band 2ne1 storms Manila

Popular all-girls Korean pop band 2ne1 arrived to a tumultuous welcome that almost disrupted operations at the arrival area Ninoy Aquino International Airport around noon Friday.

The band, which includes former Manila resident and TV celebrity Sandara Park, was in Manila for Saturday night’s concert at the Araneta Coliseum.

Tempers got high immediately upon arrival of the band when the singers’ Korean bodyguards shoved mediamen to prevent them from getting videos and photos.

The commotion overran the restricted areas of the airport but policemen weren’t able to prevent it as it was reported that .they too wanted to get a glimpse of Sandara.

Also seen were several airport employees taking photos of Sandara using their mobile phones.

A stampede almost occurred when the group briefly opened the vehicle’s door to wave at their fans.