Kris Aquino volunteers to manage Jillian Robredo’s showbiz career

Television host and actress Kris Aquino expressed willingness to manage the career of Jillian Robredo if she pushes through with her dream to venture into show business.

Jillian’s wish to follow Kris’ showbiz footsteps was revealed by elder sister Patricia, in her eulogy to her dad Jesse Robredo, delivered before Nagaeños on Sunday. Jillian is youngest daughter of the late Interior and Local Government Secretary.

The popular actress-TV host said on her morning show “Kris TV,” that she was really humbled when she learned that Jillian wants to be like her someday after learning that they were of the same age when they lost their fathers.

Kris added that taking Jillian under her wings will be her chance to repay the elder Robredo’s kindness in handling her campaign schedule and sorties for President Aquino. However, she made it clear that she would only take Jillian under her guidance when she finished high school in about five years and if Mrs. Robredo would permit it.

Kris also told Jillian to take comfort from the love, appreciation and respect that Filipinos have showered to her dad. She also thanked Jillian for allowing her me to touch and inspire lives.

Kris also promised that she and her sons will consistently reach out to the bereaved Robredo family.