Machete star takes care of his body

Actor Aljur Abrenica said he is taking good care of his body because it is his main asset to his “Machete” role and to his chosen profession as an actor.

Abrenica also said his outfit as Machete must not look too skimpy since the soap opera will be shown on primetime television with young kids expected to be among the viewers.

The Machete star however wasn’t able to escape the current showbiz heartthrob tag since it was rumored that some of the prettiest women in the industry has been linked to him in one time or another.

Currently he is rumored to be asking his latest leading lady Bela Padilla for a date out while rumors of him dating another GMA artist Gwen Zamora are still ripe. Padilla plays the role of the artist in the story with whom Machete falls in love.

There were also unconfirmed reports that Abrenica and his former girlfriend Rich Asuncion have reconciled, months after he broke up with Bianca King, who was also allegedly one of his girlfriends.

Even Ara Mina wasn’t spared as there were allegations that she was also one of the actor’s former flames.