Mark Gil, Veteran Actor, Dies at 52

Mark Gil, a prominent actor in the showbiz industry, passed away Monday morning due to liver cancer at the age of 52.

According to the official statement released by the Eigenmann family said that the actor was diagnosed with liver cancer two years ago, but that the actor himself had requested that the information not be made public. The family of the actor learned that it was terminal in June 2014.

Mark Gil, whose real name was Raphael John Eigenmann, is the son of veteran actors Eddie Mesa and Rosemarie Gil. His siblings include actors Michael de Mesa and Cherie Gil.

He is the father of actor Sid Lucero (Timmy Eigenmann) and Maxine Eigenmann by Pimentel, actor Gabby Eigenmann and Ira Eigenmann by actress Irene Celebre, and actress Andi Eigenmann by actress Jaclyn Jose.

The actor has appeared in various films such as Batch 81 (1982), Palipat-lipat, Papalit-palit (1982), Magnifico (2003), Rotonda (2006), Alon (2008), and had recently played the role of “Dante Ramos” in the ABS-CBN drama The Legal Wife starring Angel Locsin.