Matteo gets along with Sarah’s parents


Matteo Guidicelli has reasons to be happy these days. The parents of Sarah Geronimo are now more accepting and understanding towards him with regards to his relationship with the singer-actress.

The situation makes Sarah joyful as she shared that she and Matteo wished for love, understanding and acceptance from both their families. The actor’s family, in fact, treats Sarah warmly and obviously approves the relationship.

At age 27, Sarah admitted that she is now of marrying age yet she still considers herself a beginner with respect to having a relationship. Matteo is a year younger than her, having just celebrated his 26th birthday last March.

Currently, the Popstar Princess is busy doing “The Breakup Playlist” in which she essays the role of an aspiring singer. The movie also stars fellow ABS-CBN contract artist Piolo Pascual who will be playing the role of a rock star.

The romantic movie is directed by Dan Villegas, the same director behind the blockbuster movie “English Only, Please.”