MCA Music fetes “Pinoy Rock” icons Pepe Smith, Resty Fabunan

Last Oct. 13, a fitting tribute was conferred to rock legends Joey “Pepe” Smith and Resty Fabunan in a special event dubbed “Hebigat Nite.”

The event took place at the Fully Booked High Street together with the launch of the debut album of Superheavy, a group consisting of rock heavyweights Mick Jagger and Dave Stewart of Rolling Stones and Eurythmics, respectively; singer-songwriter and actress Joss Stone; multi-awarded Indian composer and singer-songwriter A.R.Rahman;  and Grammy Awards winner and Jamaican artist Damian Marley.

Organized by MCA Music, the event also celebrates the works of other legendary artists such as Nirvana, Sting, Sonic Youth and U2.

Guitarist Francis Reyes, formerly of Afterimage and The Dawn who introduced Smith and Fabunan onstage, said anybody knowledgeable with Filipino rock music must be familiar with the two.

Smith is an icon of original Filipino rock music or “Pinoy Rock”  He was one of the original member of the Pinoy rock group, Juan dela Cruz Band along with Wally Gonzales (guitar) and Mike Hanopol (bass). Many claimed the band invented the Pinoy Rock genre that focused on original songwriting in Tagalog..

Fabunan, on the other hand, was the composer and lead guitarist of Maria Cafra, one of the most prolific bands during the 70s. “Kumusta Kaibigan,” “Buhay Gapo,” and “Exodus” are only some of the many songs that the band made legendary.

The “Superheavy” album is now available in record stores nationwide.