Noel Cabangonrecords latest album in symphonic

Singer and songwriter Noel Cabangon has always been known as an ‘acoustic’ artist.

This time he took his music to a different genre by recording his latest CD “Panaginip,” with the full backing of orchestra music.

Although going orchestral for the first time is really different from the usual guitar-voice set-up he is used to, Cabangon said it did not affected his performance since what determines his  singing are the emotion and the message of the song.
“Panaginip,” is the follow-up to last year’s hit CD, “Byahe.”  It contains 15 song that include “Dahan Dahan,” “Bayani ng Bayan,” “Ngayon ang Bagong Simula,” “Walang Katulad” and “Awit ng Naghahanap.”

Cabangon also collaborated with   former Sugarfree frontman Ebe Dancel (“Hulog Ka ng Langit”) and R&B singer Nina (“Ikaw Na Sana”).

Also included are the cover songs “Bulag, Pipi, Bingi,” which was originally performed by Freddie Aguilar; “Tayo’y Mga Pinoy;” by Heber Bartolome, “Tag-Ulan” by Lolita &The Boys; and “Sangandaan”, from the Mike De Leon film “Sister Stella L”.

Cabangon likewise brought to the album three of his regular favorites namely “Sana Dumating Ka na”, “Dahil Nariyan Ka” and “Umuulan saTag-araw, Umaaraw sa Tag-Ulan.”

The album is released by Universal Records.