Phil Younghusband’s double surprises for Angel Locsin

A day before her birthday, Angel Locsin and model Bubbles Paraiso flew to Hong Kong on April 22, Good Friday. On Black Saturday, Azkals star player Phil Younghusband joined them in Hong Kong to surprise the actress.

The trio spent the whole day together and even went on a side trip to Macau. They returned to Manila on Easter Sunday, April 24.

Upon her return, another surprise awaited the actress when she saw a designer bag waiting in her room.

The Givenchy bag came from Phil who had it delivered to the actress’ house as his birthday gift to her.

The star football player has openly expressed his admiration for Locsin and even invited her for a Valentine’s Day date via Twitter. The invitation was turned down by the actress but they indeed went on a date on another day in a firing range. Another date was reported when they were sighted attending a church service together at the Fort.

Locsin has expressed her appreciation for the Azkals striker when he bravely showed up to meet her family in her house during their first meeting

The actress also admitted that Phil always texts her but she is non-committal yet when asked if the Azkals star player is courting her.