Pinoy rock icon Karl Roy bids goodbye

Filipino rock singer Karl Roy, 43, passed away early Tuesday morning. His death was announced by his sister Kathryn Roy on her Facebook page.

The grandson of the late Senator Jose J. Roy of Moncada, Tarlac, Karl Roy was best remembered for his stints with rock bands Advent Call, P.O.T. and Kapatid.

He was an electrifying performer and always the most-awaited crowd pleaser in multi-band gigs. He had been also known for his exciting, wild acts onstage, sometimes compared–moves and looks–with frontman Anthony Kiedis of Red Hot Chili Pepper

In 2007, Roy suffered a stroke that left half his body paralyzed for months. After intensive rehabilitation, Roy was back again fronting his band, Kapatid.

Recently he was brought to a hospital after allegedly having been diagnosed with Pulmonary Edema or the accumulation of fluid in the lungs.

Earlier reports said the cause of his death was cardiac arrest but younger brother Kevin, vocalist of another rock band, Razorback, was quoted in various media that it was due to complications from pneumonia.

His family announced that Roy’s wake will start at 3 p.m., Wednesday, March 14, at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Shrine in New Manila, Quezon City. Those who will pay their last respects are encouraged to bring photographs for the memorial wall.