PNoy happy with new relationship, says Kris Aquino

Once again, TV host-actress Kris Aquino can’t seem to keep her mouth shut regarding President Benigno Aquino III’s personal affairs as she revealed that her older brother has started to date again and is very much happy with the ongoing relationship.

Remembering however that she had been reprimanded before, Aquino stopped short of naming the president’s current apple of the eye. She intimated though that he had already introduced the girl to her and her other sisters adding that the girl is getting a lot more comfortable with them.
On the controversy regarding his brother’s purchase of a  pre-owned 2007 Porsche, the actress defended the president by saying that he bought it using his own money.

The presidential sister further said that the vehicle serves as her brother stress relief from his hectic life as head of the nation.

And once again, the queen of talk shows promised she will totally shut up about his brother’s love life as a gift on his birthday.

The  president turns 51 last February 8, Tuesday.