Rhian Ramos Says Everything Is Going So Well


RhianRamos faces challenge last year and it makes her stronger and smarter now and has a knack to turn things into something positive as she shared after the press screening of the coming drama-fantasy series, “‘Indio.”

The ensuing controversy with Rhian causes her to lie a bit from show business in order to  recharge and find herself once more. And now, Rhian Ramos is ready to stand up once more.

The Kapuso Actress shared that it took a few months before she recovered with the help of her family and other people who love her. Rhian decided to change her all numbers and blocked all account until the people stopped and tired of taking about that controversy.

Rhian shared that KC is the kind of person she need in the stage she was in. She also added that “how I prioritize those I work with, as well as those he prioritize my job. Why do I search for other everything is going so well?”

Currently, the actress believes that “Indio” will make a big mark on TV this coming Monday, January 14, 2012.

In drama-fantasy series, Rhian plays the Diwata Dian Magayon, who is tasked to guide and guard the lead character Malaya played by Sen. Bong Revilla, Jr. Diwata Dian Magayon is in charge of the elements such as the mountains, the rainbow, the sun, the wind and the moon.

Indio is said to be the most expensive drama in local TV history, other stars are Jennylyn Mercado, Michael de Mesa, Sam Pinto, JomariYllana, Agot Isidro and many more.