Richard & Dawn keep ‘loveteam’ alive in movie The Love Affair


Richard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta show that they’re one of the most enduring showbiz team-ups around as they are reunited in Star Cinema’s The Love Affair, playing a married couple in crisis.

Both Richard and Dawn were also asked what makes their tandem click. They first partnered more than two decades ago, starring together in several box-office hits in the ‘90s. Their team-up was revived on the ABS-CBN drama series Walang Hanggan in 2012 and it led to subsequent projects, including this film The Love Affair and an upcoming soap opera tentatively titled You’re My Home.

Dawn said she finds it hard to believe that their tandem continues to enjoy patronage. Richard believes that their team-up still works, even if they are married and have their own families, because they “keep the fantasy alive.”

(Directed by Nuel Naval, The Love Affair opens in cinemas nationwide on August 12.)