Richard Gomez hosts TV 5’s new comedy game show “Quiet Please! Bawal ang Maingay”

Starting August 10, Sunday, TV5 introduces a new comedy game show “Quiet Please! Bawal ang Maingay”.

Loyal viewers of Kapatid network will witness the much-awaited TV comeback of one of Philippine showbiz’s ultimate heartthrobs, Richard Gomez. Sunday night with the whole family will be more fun and exciting with the addition of comedienne K Brosas as his co-host.

“Quiet Please! Bawal ang Maingay” is set to provide viewers with unique and exciting concept, where contestants must accomplish a series of timed challenges without setting off the giant noise-meter: an ultra-sensitive, noise-measuring device that sounds an alarm when it reaches a certain noise level. The contestants’ ultimate goal is to move as silently as possible through all the rounds. With less noise, the contestants win bigger prizes!