Robin Padilla on daughter Kylie being linked to Rayver Cruz

Robin Padilla finally opened up about Rayver Cruz who is being linked to his daughter Kylie Padilla. In a previous interview, Kylie quoted her father as saying that Robin described Rayver as “mabait.” Robin was asked if he is in favor of Rayver for his daughter Kylie, he pointed out that he wanted a Muslim to marry his daughter. In their religion, it is not allowed to have a girlfriend or boyfriend who is not a Muslim.

He said that Kylie is already in the right age. He can’t prohibit Kylie to do the things she wanted like going out with non-Muslim but she’s the one who will face the consequences to her actions.

It is Kylie’s issue if she ended up with a non-Muslim. Whatever she does is all up to her. He is just being a father; he is reminding his daughter what is right.

Robin used to work with Rayver Cruz for the sitcom Toda Max, which is why he had the chance to know the actor before he was linked to his daughter Kylie. When asked why he described Rayver as “mabait,” Robin explained that Rayver is good to her mother but there is no connection with them. The grandmother of his wife Mariel Rodriguez is friends with Rayver’s mother. Rayver is the leading of Kylie in the horror film ‘Dilim’.