Rocco Nacino to play Filipino Saint Pedro Calungsod

In 2012 actor Rocco Nacino played the role of San Pedro Calungsod in a TV documentary.

Now the Kapuso actor will star in “Pedro Calungsod: Batang Martir,” an indie biopic that traces the martyrdom of a young Filipino in a foreign land.

An entry to the 2013 Metro Manila Film Festival, the bio of San Pedro Calungsod is directed by Francis Villacorta, who believes the 26-year old actor is more than capable in portraying Calungsod, a pioneering OFW, catechist and mission assistant, who was killed in Guam in 1672 at 17 years old.

Villacorta shared that the role was originally meant for JM de Guzman but his father decided to pull him from the movie because of personal reasons. Villacorta then considered other actors including Coco Martin, Alden Richards, Enchong Dee, Paulo Avelino and Christopher Martin, finally selecting Rocco in the end. It also helped that Rocco bears a strong resemblance to existing portraits depicting the young Cebuano saint.

Rocco is a born-again Christian but he sees no conflict in portraying a Catholic saint. He said he’s flattered to be given an opportunity to play someone who touched so many lives in such a young age.

The film will also tackle the role Calungsod played in the propagation of Christianity  during the San Diego Mission at the Marianas Islands (Guam) led by Father Diego de San Vitores between 1668 and 1672.

Also in the cast are Jestoni Alarcon, Christian Vasquez, Mercedes Cabral, Carlo Gonzalez, Victor Basa, Robert Correa, among many others.