Sam Milby still in the process of healing


Sam Milby shared that he’s still in the process of healing after he and Mari Jasmine broke up a few months back.

The actor remained mum on the reason for the breakup but says that it was Mari who initiated the breakup. He also said that there was no third party. He clarified that he and Mari are in good terms although they have not talked since the breakup.

Presently Sam has been surrounding himself with his close friends, riding his motorbike, and spending some quiet time with prayer. Moving forward, he says that at his age, he’s definitely looking for someone to settle down with.

Sam met the Japan-born Mari Jasmine through social media. She moved to Australia where she grew up. Months into their relationship, the actor feels fortunate that his girlfriend understands the nature of his job and that they are both willing to do anything to make their partnership work.

The last time Sam was in a relationship was with actress Anne Curtis. They ended their relationship in 2009. It took Sam over six years before he found love again.

Sam and Yassi Pressman’s romantic-comedy movie “Ang Pambansang Third Wheel” is set to be shown this March 14. Directed by Ivan Andrew Payawal, the movie also stars child star Alonzo Muhlach and actress Sam Pinto.