Sandwich celebrates its 15th year

Multi-awarded rock band Sandwich will be celebrating its 15th year in the local music scene.

Formed in 1998 by former Eraserheads drummer Raimund Marasigan and fellow musician Diego Castillo of The Aga Muhlach Experience, the band has indeed built up their own fan base and throng of fanatic followers through their own brand of music which could be generally categorized as alternative to rock music.

Although Marasigan refused to divulge details, he said they are planning something big to mark their anniversary.

One thing is sure though. Sandwich fans could look forward this March to the release of the band’s seventh album titled “Fat, Salt And Flame.” Music critics describe the new album as reminiscent of the classic Sandwich sound, while at the same time showcasing the creative musical innovations the band is known for.

Aside from Marasigan and Castillo, Sandwich boasts of some of the most creative personalities in Pinoy Rock including Myrene Academia-Marasigan, who also plays bass for Imago and Duster; Mong Alcaraz, who also plays guitar for ChicoSci; and Mike Dizon, who also hits the skins for Pedicab.

Sandwich has been recognized by different award-giving bodies and has received several nominations and awards.  In 1999, they released their debut album Grip Stand Throw. This was followed by 4-Track Mind (2000); Thanks To The Moon’s Gravitational Pull (2003); Five on the Floor (2006); <S> Marks the Spot (2008); and Contra Tiempo (2010).

Sandwich continues to experiment on new sounds, proof of the genuine talent of its members. In between recordings and gigs, the band continues to do other projects, including soundtracks for several shows and movies.