Sarah Geronimo has a reminder for her future suitors

Sarah Geronimo admitted that she doesn’t have suitors right now.

If someone comes along though, she said the guy should be willing to fight for his love, especially concerning her protective parents.

Only last year, Sarah’s rumored romantic bond with actor Gerald Anderson concluded in a sad note when Gerald suddenly stopped seeing her after months of courting. Speculations had it that Sarah’s strict parents left Gerald with no choice but to give up particularly when Sarah reportedly failed to fight for their love.

Sarah doesn’t deny that there are regrets on her part but she still hopes that she has emerged a stronger person from everything that happened. The singer-actress said she is happy over the blessings she has been receiving in her career and for her close relationship with her family..

Sarah is currently one of the busiest young stars in show business, as shown by her movie with John Lloyd, a new album, an upcoming TV series with Coco Martin, her two weekly shows on ABS-CBN, concerts here and abroad, and as an endorser of various commercial products.