Sen. Chiz refuses to elaborate on alleged ‘bad blood’ between him and Heart’s parents


A recent newspaper article has put Sen. Chiz Escudero on the limelight but not because he topped the latest senatorial derby survey.

Hard-hitting columnist Ramon Tulfo in his recent “On Target” column alleged that there is an existing bad blood between the senator and the Ongpaucos, parents of his fiancée, actress Heart Evangelista. The article said that Evangelista’s parents find the senator disrespectful and that he is allegedly encouraging the actress to go against her parents.

The reelectionist senator declined to make a categorical statement and instead intimated before reporters covering the Senate that his girlfriend and her parents have a family quarrel and he’s caught in the middle. He said he don’t want to meddle in the misunderstandings between parents and their daughter so as not to aggravate matters.

Stressing that he’s not part of showbiz and that he don’t combine work with his personal life, Escudero added that her relationship with Evangelista is going strong and he believes they will be able to hurdle this difficult period in their relationship.

Tulfo’s article is titled ”Chiz Escudero: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?”  in reference to a fictional novel in which the chief character shows his good side in public and the bad in his personal life.