Tom Rodriguez spoke about breakup with singer K-La Rivera

Finally Tom Rodriguez spoke about his relationship status; his breakup with K-La Rivera. This was also the first time he admitted that he had a relationship with K-La.

He wanted not to talk about their breakup because at the first place he and K-La didn’t speak about their relationship when they were still together. He said that he is happier now compared to the past few months because of what happened to them. He lost weight, couldn’t sleep well and not eating that much. But now, he’s happier because of the love and support given by his family, supporters, his network GMA and with all the blessings that he’s getting.

Tom is focused on his family and work. He doesn’t want to talk about who initiated the breakup. He just said that he did everything he could. There were news that their relationship overlapped because of his relationship with Carla Abellana. Tom said that there was no third party.

Because of his upcoming show “My Destiny”, he was asked if he believed in destiny that he and K-La might be back together again. He said that he believed in destiny. Everything could happen. All his life, he believed that he will become a painter. He didn’t dream to be an actor or singer.

Tom was enjoying what he’s doing now in his work and he was so thankful about it.