US court recognizes BB Gandanghari as a woman


A California court in the United States has approved the petition of BB Gandanghari to change her name and gender from Rustom Padilla to Binibini Gandanghari, making her officially and legally a woman.

In August 2016, Gandanghari formally filed an identity change request before the Superior Court of California. In 2006, when she was still known as Rustom Padilla, BB admitted her sexual preference during her stint on the reality program “Pinoy Big Brother: Celebrity Edition.” After taking time off abroad, BB came out as a transgender woman in 2009.

BB shared the news on her Instagram account on Thursday. She wrote “This is it! And I thought this day would never come. And I thank my GOD and my LORD for making these things happen. Everything makes sense now… and to this great country the United States of America for providing this #basichumanright… Thank you!!! #officiallyBBlegallyGandanghari.”